endorsement noun
en·dorse·ment | \ in-ˈdȯr-smənt ,
en- \
variants: or less commonly indorsement \in-ˈdȯr-smənt\
Definition of endorsement
1 : the act or process of endorsing
2a : something that is written in the process of endorsing
b : a provision added to an insurance contract altering its scope or application
3 : sanction, approval went ahead without the endorsement of his boss
4 : money earned from a product recommendation made millions in salary and endorsements
Examples of endorsement in a Sentence
The newspaper has announced its political endorsements.


There is nothing more important than the support of the community, whether it is the funding for Community Service, the support of an initiative or voting for a candidate. I hope that I can count on your vote. If you have questions please feel free to contact me (link form)./ If you would like to show your endorsement for my candidacy for the Victor Valley Community College Board of Trustees. Just click on the link and fill out the form.

Thanks Brandon.

Please Ad Your Endorsement

Peter W. Allan Esq - Past Interim Superintendent/President Past Mayor, Town of Apple Valley

"It is with pleasure that I endorse Brandon Wood as candidate for the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees in November. In the short time that Brandon has been an appointed trustee, he has developed a deep understanding of the issues facing the College in terms of accreditation and sustainability.

I believe that Brandon's guidance will help the college succeed in its mission to provide a quality education for as many High Desert residents as possible."

Amanda MonroyVictor Valley College ASB President/Student Trustee, 2014-2015
It is my immense pleasure to endorse Brandon A. Wood for reelection on the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees. As the former Associated Student Body President and Student Trustee, I have had the honor of serving on the board with Mr. Wood during the 2014-2015 academic year. During my time working with Mr. Wood he has proven to be an effective and tireless advocate for the prosperity of Victor Valley College.

Brandon A. Wood is not only committed to Victor Valley College professionally but personally! Outside of regularly scheduled board meetings he has extended his efforts beyond the board platform and spends one-on-one time with students. In his personal time, I have experienced first-hand his faithfulness in attending events that are student focused. Every year he attends the annual Victor Valley College Associated Student Body Retreat where his presence is greatly valued! He dedicates his time to speak with individual students encouraging and inspiring them to achieve their goals. He has inspired me when I was a student at Victor Valley College and I am certain he will continue to inspire countless more students.

Brandon A. Wood for the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees is an easy choice! He has a significant track record for making a difference during the time he has served as a previous Trustee and I know he will continue to be committed to student success and the future of Victor Valley College.

David A. Pere Victor Valley Community College ASB President for 2017-2018

My name is David A. Perez, I was and still am proud to have been Victor Valley Colleges ASB President for 2017-2018. I was needlessly asked if I could say some things about Brandon Wood in his favor. Even though he would reject any type of accolades and praise given to him in public or private, I thought it only right to say a few things on his behalf.

Mr. Wood is the type of person that can see the good in almost anything. He has come from a beginning not unlike most of us. He is not without his mistakes and heartaches, nor is he without compassion and empathy. I believe that it’s because of these adversities and setbacks that have allowed him to connect to the students that serve with him on the Board, and more importantly, those students that he serves on the Board for. If you know him personally, you know that he is kind, caring, and much more than all of that, honest and humble. Everything that him and his family have, they have to give. He is an amazing friend, a father, and a role model. I am proud to be able to say that I got to serve with a real gentleman and a true servant leader.

Thank you for everything Sir, it was a real pleasure knowing you and your family. I consider you a true friend, and always will. Here’s to another 4 years.

Gabrielle S. Galindo Victor Valley College Associate of Science, 2016
It is my pleasure to support and endorse Brandon A. Wood during this election season for reelection on the Victor Valley College Board of Trustees. As the 2015-2016 Victor Valley College ASB President and Student Trustee I witnessed firsthand Brandon Wood's ability to thoughtfully consider with painstaking detail the most correct course of action for any decision. Brandon Wood successfully balanced the requests of the College President, the Student Body, and achieved overall best outcome for the High Desert Community. Brandon Wood is a veteran, father, and attorney and he has proven in recent years to do a wonderful job as Trustee for the Victor Valley College Board.
Victor Valley College Associate of Science, 2016
CSUS Bachelor of Science in Nursing Student, Class of 2019


Brian Watson - Business Owner Attorney
Steve Stremel - Private Investigator
Ryan Ward - Business Owner
James Terrell - Attorney & Radio Personality

Dan "Chuck" Mangan -  Retired Public Service Attorney



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