Brandon A Wood is a long time California native. Growing up, the majority of his life was spent in Southern California, as well as living a few years in Missoula, Montana and Issaquah, Washington. He graduated High School in Santa Clarita, CA.
Brandon married his high school sweetheart Kathleen. And they have been married for nearly 30 years. They have one daughter, Kortney, and also raised two nieces. They have 9 grandchildren. Kathleen, Kortney and their son-in-law Brian are all VVC alumni.

Brandon got his career on track when he joined the United States Navy. He served his country as a Naval Aviator Weapons System Operator aboard U.S.S. America CV-66 Combat Directives Center, flying with HS-11 rescue helicopter squadron. He later transitioned to fixed wing jets via VS-27 in Jacksonville, FL., ultimately being stationed in San Diego, CA attached to VS-38 crewing the mighty S-3B Viking aboard the U.S.S Constellation CV-64. When not flying, he served his shipmates as the VS-38 assistant Squadron Legal Officer. Brandon served his shore tour at VS-41 Flight and Weapons System training squadron on Coronado Island, CA., working with both the flight safety and weapons system operations training department and serving as the squadron’s computer information system department supervisor.

During his 8 1/2 year tenure in the Navy, he “bagged” over 100 aircraft carrier landings, called “traps;” acquired mulitiple commendations, Flag Letters of Commendation and medals; won the coveted “Top Crew” and “Wolf Hunt” Awards thereby distinguishing himself as the number one Weapons System Operator in the world, during joint task force international war games.

Brandon attended Community College in San Diego. He obtained his Associate of Science - Leadership from Vincennes University Summa Cum Laude and his Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University Summa Cum Laude while on Active Duty.
After an honorable discharge from the Navy, Brandon attended Chapman Law School in Orange, CA. During his studies of the usual Law School displaces such as Criminal Law, Family Law, Evidence, Contracts and Civil Law, Mr. Wood went above and beyond by obtaining an Emphasis Certificate in Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution. Mr. Wood also won awards in Trial Advocacy as a member of the Mock Trial team, after competing at Nationals in his first year in Law School. Mr. Wood served on the Student Bar Association and was elected President of the Criminal Law Society. Mr. Wood went on to graduate in the top of his class.

After law school graduation, Mr. Wood worked for the largest criminal defense law firm in southern California. Eventually, the time came to strike out on his own and Mr. Wood opened his own law firm here in Victorville, California. Since opening his own firm, Mr. Wood has specialized in Criminal Law and Family Law. Mr. Wood has handled thousands of cases in the Criminal and Family law courts. Over the past few years, Mr. Wood has narrowed his practice to the High Desert courts only.
Brandon has served on the High Desert Bar Association Board of Directors for almost 10 years, twice elected as the President of the Board.

Since working as an attorney, Mr. Wood earned two Master of Arts degrees, one from Chapman University and one from Brandman University both with honors. As a strong supporter of both the military and education, Mr. Wood gives back by dedicating time as a University Professor serving the Ft. Irwin U.S. Army base.

In 2013, Brandon was appointed to the Victor Valley Community College Board of Trustees and was Elected to a 4 year term in 2014. He has served as the Board’s Clerk, Vice President and President. When he started on the Board, the school had a deficit budget, was on probation with the accrediting commission, and had numerous other issues. During his time on the Board, the budget has been balanced, full accreditation has been earned and most of the other issues have been resolved. The campus climate has improved, class offerings have expanded, new beautiful buildings have been built and are being fully utilized, and more exciting improvements are in the works.

Brandon A. Wood prides himself on helping other get ahead in life. He is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of his community and Victor Valley Community College.